We all have things that keep us up at night. HR compliance should not be one of them. We frequently hear from clients that HR responsibilities have become exceedingly overwhelming.
Austin's consultants provide innovative and supportive solutions, affording you the opportunity to meet your overall objectives.  Whether you need day-to-day HR guidance or an outsourcing solution for your HR projects, our programs are tailored to meet your needs.
We offer the following HR Consulting Services designed to help you strengthen your team, protect your business, and ensure your success:  
  • Comply - online portal with tools and resources including: webinars, newsletters, notices, and employee handbook builder.

  • Live - on demand HR professionals answer your questions online or on the phone.

  • Learn - learning management system for manager and employee training.

  • Enhanced employee handbook program - a certified HR professional updates your handbook based on regulatory changes, reviews changes and best practices with you, and provides a draft version ready for your attorney review and finalization. 

  • Compliance audit program - certified HR professionals review the current state of your HR policies, practices and procedures to evaluate and recommend corrective action.

  • HR consulting on demand - certified HR professionals guide your team on HR best practices and compliance to protect your business and ensure your success.

  • HR outsourcing - the most hands on assistance we provide your team. With our tools, resources and guidance we make HR easy. 

With Austin's HR Consulting Services, we can strengthen your team, protect your bsusiness, and ensure your success. For more information, please complete the contact us form.

* Certain non-brokered services are regulated by the NYS DFS and require a separate contract or additional fees.