Employee benefits and HR administration can be challenging. To help you streamline your efforts, Austin created eServices — a helpful suite of online tools for employees, benefits managers and administrators alike. eServices is simple, efficient and designed with the “non-techie” user in mind.

eServices offers*:

  • Cost savings and reduced paperwork

  • Streamlined onboarding, open enrollment and off-boarding processes

  • Automated administration

  • Historic employee data and warehousing

  • Employee communication and self-service

  • Electronic data interchanges (EDI)



Austin’s eServices department delivers best-in-class software and services to help you navigate the ever-changing world of health care and benefits. Our technology consultants offer expertise in benefits, HR and insurance to better assist you with implementation and use of this customized, cutting-edge technology.

Discover how eServices can help you improve your employee benefits and HR administration processes!

*Certain non-brokered services are regulated by the NYS DFS and require a separate contract or additional fees.